Steel Constructions

Our team take pride in reputation for producing various and complex steel structures in consistently superior manner. 
Proper coordination of the project by our specialists – engineer and foremen, with highly skilled welders and locksmiths is the key factor in our ultimate success: Getting it done right the first time.

We are passionate for using our skills and grit to solve complex construction challenges for building landmarks that are defining our communities.
Our team was part of major projects in EU and CEE/SEE region which requires immense skills, knowledge and practice.

Structural steel that we work with most often:
EU standard

Our team of welders perform various welding operations with certified welding processes:
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135                    141

Examples of weld by one of our best welders
Varovi 1
Varovi 2
image_6483441 (1)
Considerable experience of our team in fabrication of steel structures is presented through work on the following projects:

Steel Brige Constructions

  • Road-rail bridges – 6 lanes, 2 railway tracks and 2 pedestrian paths 
    Steel segments: welding and assembly (80t – 90t per segment)

  • Railway bridges

  • Overpasses

  • Pedestrian bridge (40m – 70m)
  • Gantry signs (40m – 70m)


Welding of steel structure and production of wind turbine nacelle for German and Russian market.

Parking Garage

Production of steel construction for German and Austrian markets.
Welding and assembly.

Roof Constructions of Large Fair Halls

Lighthouse For Sea Ports